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Reviewing Outdoor Lighting Systems Los Angeles Style

Commercial outdoor lighting systems in Los Angeles ranges from elegant to bizarre. California’s largest city is Los Angeles is also known as the city of Angels. LA is also the second largest urban area in the US. Southern California offers a range of terrain from the high desert area to the ocean. Visitors and residents enjoy world-class entertainment and shopping in year-round comfort. Commercial outdoor lighting fixtures offer a great deal for its citizens’ enjoyment. The city excels in commercial outdoor lighting. Los Angeles is a city of lights.

Outdoor Lighting Systems Using LED Technology

Many of the outdoor lighting systems being used in commercial establishments are the new solid-state LED units. Ongoing research and development continues to improve the diodes, making them viable options for both commercial and residential use. LED outdoor lights not only offer substantial energy savings, they are durable and long lasting.

Outdoor lighting for lawns, gardens and pathways extend the use of these spaces into the evening hours. LED illumination allows for flexibility, increased safety and utility. They are endorsed by organizations such as the American National Standards Institute and even the US Department of Energy. Solid-state lighting in combination with digital controls allow for a variety of unique applications in lighting design.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Systems Hold Distinct Advantages

Landscape architects as well as lighting engineers have been using solar outdoor lighting systems to great effect in homes and businesses. These solar powered units offer unique flexibility as well as energy savings. The combined use of solar powered batteries and LED illumination means that lights can be installed and position in unlimited combinations without the need for electrical wiring installation. Contemporary outdoor lighting fixtures make for a lot of colorful displays around the city.

[LED outdoor lights not only offer substantial energy savings, they are durable and long lasting.]

Homeowners find solar outdoor lighting systems to be both energy efficient and convenient. These units can work naturally with a variety of landscape designs. They automatically shut off during the daytime and pose no risk to pets or children. These units require very little maintenance while the higher-quality fixtures pay for themselves in terms of return on investment.

Improvements in Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Technological advances in lighting systems have allowed designers more flexibility in terms of materials and fixtures when working with landscape design. A few decades ago these artists were limited to certain kinds of lighting fixtures as well as the availability of energy sources.

Landscape designers and outdoor lighting engineers exercise their artistic talents to blend form and function to an aesthetic balance. They use light, shadow, textures and nature to express a desired artistic goal. Everything within a given area becomes part of the canvas. Walls, trees, fountains and even bushes become design elements.

You can drive through various neighborhoods in Los Angeles; from the wealthier areas through the working class sections and find amazing displays of outdoor lighting at night. Commercial buildings with elaborate fountains are expertly lit, but so are residential driveways and patios. Los Angelinos are proud of their turf and demonstrate that pride in lighting techniques.

Which Outdoor Lighting Fixture Is Better, Halogen Or LED?

One of the main aspects of great outdoor lighting is the melding a form and function. Standard and custom decorative landscape lighting fixtures offer a great deal of options in this regard. In its heyday, halogen bulbs were the new technology. These compact and extremely brilliant light sources were perfect for nighttime illumination. LED lights have caught up in terms of practicality as well as cost efficiency. Modern landscape light design brings improved options for commercial and residential users.

Traditional halogen-based fixtures were once the way to go because they offered a range of options to designers. LED systems require less maintenance and lower replacement costs than halogen units. There is still a range in terms of pricing and quality that should be considered before purchasing and installation.

The Basics of LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

To simplify matters, there are three basic levels of quality to consider when selecting LED outdoor lighting systems. The cheaper models are made of plastic or painted aluminum and can be found in department stores, home improvement centers and catalogs. They may cost just over a hundred dollars with a life span of three years. These residential lights are the lower end models. 

[LED systems require less maintenance and lower replacement costs than halogen units.]

You can look for more high quality LED fixtures that cost a little more money to offer 4 to 6 years of service. These units are usually powder coated with a tough aluminum finish. Eventually, these units will succumb to the extreme weather conditions throughout the years and begin to appeal or chip away in time. Commercial outdoor lighting in Los Angeles offers a lot of unique designs and styles for the appreciation and enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

Higher-quality brass and copper fixtures cost more initially. These units will not only last longer, they tend to look better with age. Over time, the brass or copper fixtures, exhibit a more polished finish with age. Many homeowners and business people opt for the high-quality finish because it offers the greatest return on investment. Landscape lighting transformers now last twice as long as they have a decade ago.

Solar Options for Outdoor Lighting Products

The Los Angeles market for solar outdoor lighting fixtures is gigantic. Whether these units are used in the due-covered hillsides or the within the harsh salt environment of the beachfront properties, solar fixtures have found their place. For maximum durability and longevity, high-quality lighting units are preferred. They usually have brass or copper fixtures with glass lenses.

The strength of the illumination is determined by the number of LEDs mounted in one or more arrays inside the fixture. These units can be just as bright as halogen’s while running only on solar power. These units are constantly improving in terms of longevity, durability and light output.

Outdoor Lighting Systems – Los Angeles Style

The people of Los Angeles may enjoy their fun in the sun during the daytime, but they also love the nightlife. Landscape lighting offers an alternative level of enjoyment for the Shopaholics and the club hoppers. Innovative lighting designs improve the atmosphere of elegance around the swanky LA hotels, but they also add warmth and beauty to even the most modest homes. That means that anyone can take LED outdoor lighting systems home for a professional look.

[For maximum durability and longevity, high-quality lighting units are preferred.]

Paris may be known as “the city of lights” but Los Angeles is where all the stars come out at night. You will be able to find thousands of unique creative displays designed to attract visitors to stores, restaurants and bars. Commercial lighting is not the only area which displays amazing light shows in the evening. Commercial outdoor lighting in Los Angeles residential areas also offer entertaining possibilities.


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