Commercial Exterior Light Fixtures For Safety

commercial exterior light fixtures

Commercial outdoor lighting presents a distinctive problem; designers are faced with working with a couple of walls and no ceilings to reflect light back to the area. Nevertheless, there they know how to use commercial exterior light fixtures that can get the brightness to the right places.

They seem to find interesting ways to save money in the process. One method to enhance your outdoor lighting is to aim and position your lighting fixtures on buildings or other exterior surfaces (low gloss or rough surfaces minimize glare).

Expert outdoor lighting practices refer to creating optimal lighting output that is capable of much more than lighting up the landscape. Most landscape contractors highlight a choice of things inside your yard – a few trees, a couple bushes, perhaps a flower or two. Designers will highlight these sections, but additionally take note of forms to illuminate in lots, walkways, arbor and gardens.

Setting up Commercial Exterior Light Fixtures

The exterior of your company space is the first impression a consumer has when approaching your business. Lighting designers practical provide solutions that will make that first impression a great  one. Technology now allows for style, function and energy savings.

Keep your business well-lit along with your employees and customers safe by getting your exterior lights on when it counts. Low lighting power density for exterior lights, and interior light controls help in decreasing power cost as in comparison to an ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline. All mandatory requirements are to become complied with for all exterior lights.

Exterior lightingBoth halogen and fluorescent exterior lights are considered a standard feature on exterior walls these days because of their durability and functionality. If any of these lights fail to function correctly or are completely inoperable, they are fairly simple to exchange by an exterior lighting repair service. Whether or not the specific area is experiencing overly vibrant lights, dim lights, intermittent lights, or inoperable lights, lighting contractors can make quick adjustments.

[Exterior lighting design engineers can complete the lighting design for your next commercial project.]

Whether the external space is a parking lot or entrance way, setting up the proper equipment is crucial for practical reasons. There are many different types of lights and fixtures, the procedures will vary depending upon what light system is needed for installation or repair. A quick call or contact online to a lighting installation company usually takes care of any questions about lighting systems and basic maintenance.

A growing number of education centers, medical offices and other institutional and commercial organizations are utilizing their establishments during the night, therefore efficient late night lights are required for lighting pathways, vehicles as well as objects in the way. Appropriate illumination even offers security for guests as well as workers who will be walking, driving or bicycling through the area. It contributes greatly to the ease of access to building entrances and walkways, to parking and driving. It provides an attractive outdoor environment with no glare to sitting areas as well.

Plans that require brilliantly lighted areas as well as entryways; for example hospitals, hotels, cinemas and commercial sports complexes, might have a difficult time repairing these fixtures when the time comes to initiate maintenance. Expert lighting design engineers are able to develop an agreement with their clients to lay emphasis on the property’s facades. This also helps to eliminate light and even security requirements.

Setting Up Exterior Lights for Lots, Landscapes and Pathways

Full-output lighting for much more suitable for parking facilities. It is only needed during company or occupied hours. Lighting is only required for traversing and parking vehicles safely and pedestrian traffic.

commercial exterior light fixturesFor most commercial facilities this will involve only a part of the evening hours. The minimum horizontal illuminant on typical asphalt parking surfaces based on general IES guidelines is 0.two foot-candles (fc) at any offered point (not the typical).

Choose a Local Exterior Lighting Company

Commercial exterior light fixtures installation companies offer complete complement of landscape lighting solutions, such as layered design also as exterior lighting site audits for security and security. Lighting engineers can provide both style and installation for landscape lighting needs.

These lighting companies work on large and small projects and are usually local. Projects can include residential, estate, commercial, greater education, hospitality and others. Exterior lighting design engineers can complete the lighting design for your next commercial project.

They are able to design your lighting needs for retail, restaurant, office and specialty use. Design solutions can include actual lighting style, item specification, lighting choices, budget involvement, and product selection.

[There are a variety of energy saving landscape lights that are meant to illuminate water features.]

The following exterior lighting information may be required by the Planning Commission or Zoning Administrator with any site plan, site condominium plan, subdivision plat or zoning permit application exactly where exterior lighting is proposed to be altered or installed.

The place, type, and height of all existing and proposed light fixtures. A photometric grid measuring the overall light intensity within the website in foot candles. Manufacturer’s specifications and particulars for every type of light fixture, including the total lumen output, type of lamp, and technique of shielding.

Making the Case for Exterior Commercial Lighting Systems

The intent of bi-level exterior lighting is to reduce exterior building, canopy, walkway, parking, roadway, signage, landscaping and site lighting when it is not needed during times of limited occupancy or non-retail hours. Bi-level exterior lighting control is already a practice in many non-residential buildings.

The benefit is the energy savings resulting from the reduced lighting during times of limited occupancy, when these lights may have normally been kept on all night long. Typically the reduced energy would be about 50% of the energy consumed during full exterior lighting periods.

How To Benefit From Exterior Lights

Lights can also be used to illuminate statues, trees, fountains and other edifices from ground level with up lights fixed to the concrete or in the ground. These lights are used for specific effects to illuminate certain areas such as walkways and footpaths as well. These special lights can even extend the space that is used by guests or visitors as well as employees in the evening.

There are a variety of energy saving landscape lights that are meant to illuminate water features. Whether it is lighted bird baths, lighted fountains, pool lighting, or shallow pond accent lights, waterproofed landscape lighting can help you enjoy your landscape water features at night.

Working With LED Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting style specialists are convinced that LED and Induction lighting systems are here to remain. These new goods offer considerable energy savings and will usually provide a longer life. Don’t be afraid to ask for several options on quotes. That  strategy can provide a better quote for your business’s best needs and also offer a more complete solution.

By utilizing innovative LED options a South Carolina company was able to satisfy stringent lighting objectives that integrated decreasing power costs while still providing lighting to satisfy security and security problems. While IDI expects to continue seeing a general power savings, the business can also enjoy the added bonus of long life – up to 60,000 hours for select products – and decreased maintenance for all the Lighting division’s LED goods.

LED Systems are Flexible, Durable and Cost Effective

Modern exterior lighting fixtures offer professional LED lighting systems inside a multitude of kinds, type factors, and output levels. Color-changing, tunable white, strong white, and strong color exterior LED lighting fixtures provide high-quality, digitally controllable light within the complete selection of interior and exterior architectural and entertainment applications.

[Most people don’t think about the appearance or structure of their exterior light fixtures until they need to be replaced.]

More and more commercial lighting clients are realizing that LED products are a viable option for a range of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Many are making the switch to an even simpler decision for setting up or replacing outdoor fixtures.

Once they discover the facts about the increased reduction in power and maintenance costs, business owners and corporations are eager to look into the various applications associated with LED lighting.

LED Exterior Lights Can Offer Safety and Illumination

A commercial lighting designer or contractor can offer a secure choice for upgrading to LED for exterior light fixtures. We can customize these retrofits to fit a wide variety of fixtures, and they install in as little as 15 minutes. The image above shows a custom plate with three units (405W) produced for a consumer with 1000W Metal Halide Fixtures. Click the hyperlink beneath to download our spec sheet.

LED outdoor lightingQuality LED outdoor lighting provides the versatility and durability for a variety of purposes. There are multiple drive currents and scalable LED modules available. They supply flexibility to fine-tune lighting overall performance for distinctive applications.

To achieve very accurate photometric testing information on a wide selection of optic and LED combinations, lighting engineers have created an IES file configurator using info derived from ITL. This is an independent testing laboratory, making certain all tests are performed to IESNA LM-79-08 standards.

Factoring in Energy Saving Exterior Lighting

Most people don’t think about the appearance or structure of their exterior light fixtures until they need to be replaced. When considering an upgrade to LED lighting for exterior parking lots, there are two main options to consider–retrofit the existing fixture, or replace it with an integrated LED unit. Because of the concept of Effective Projected Area, retrofits are the safest choice for exterior light fixture upgrades.

Adequate exterior lighting at your home has numerous benefits. A well-lit home often deters criminals from breaking in. Exterior lighting is also a good way to protect yourself from attacks while you’re on your own property at nighttime.

For example, security lighting can not only protect a break-in but can also prevent a mugging or other crimes that may occur if you’re moving from your vehicle to your home, or if you’re outside walking a pet in the dark.

In this tutorial you will learn how to light your exterior scenes using VraySun.