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Commercial Lighting Ideas came about when one of my clients began to explain what he does for his clients. I began to take an interest in lighting design and how the people in the industry make the decisions that create effective lighting. Many people take their workplace and home lighting for granted yet when things are not quite right, these talented men and women in the industry can work miracles.

This site is dedicated to the men and women of the commercial lighting design and installation industry. They make our lives more productive and even save us money in the process. There will be commentary, interviews, recommendations and tech information on various lighting systems and energy saving devices on the market. I hope to enlighten you and others like you who have an interest in lighting design.

Over the last few years, I have come to realize that creating a site for commercial lighting information can help people who are looking for answers to their lighting issues. I hope to share my interest commercial lighting. A little imagination, and some good common sense can assist in the choices regarding good lighting.

I produce content for my blogs as well as other companies on the Internet as well as in print. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as other places around the Web.

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Commercial Lighting Ideas For Home and Office

Commercial Lighting Ideas

Humans use their eyes far more than any other sense. Let’s consider that in terms of commercial lighting ideas. Being able to work with proper illumination at any hour of the day or night has been one of the greatest boons to productivity in our history. Having proper illumination for work or play is important, although we take this for granted in the developed world. Let’s take a look at how commercial lighting ideas impact our everyday lives.

Professional lighting specialists use a variety of techniques to create the right lighting conditions for home or office. Proper illumination is the deliberate use of light to shape and enhance the decor. For example an office may need both warm and cool overhead lighting to simulate daylight. These technicians will take into account the existing shape of a room as well as the available light. These things are important because proper lighting is usually ignored, but bad lighting is very evident.

Commercial Lighting Ideas for the Proper SettingCommercial lighting ideas

If you have ever walked into a darkened room and searched in vain for the light switch, you know how frustrating it can be when user convenience is not taken into consideration. The same is true when it is necessary to move around a room to find the right spot to read a report or make repairs on a small appliance. Installing the proper light fixtures does make a difference to enhance efficiency as well as offer convenience to users.

Another area of consideration is installing the right light fixtures for the right purpose. Commercial lighting fixtures may require the help of expert installers who are experienced with commercial electrical installation. Your contractor will be able to get you good prices at the commercial lighting supply company that he or she frequents. They are more likely to utilize the proper commercial lighting tools needed to install fixtures such as hanging lights, fluorescent light fixtures or exterior lighting that may be difficult to reach.

The Value of Getting Professional Advice

Professional lighting designers are also experienced in equipment purchase, and choosing equipment accessories as well. Many of these pros are electrical contractors as well as architectural lighting designers. It’s not always easy to know which equipment, lighting accessories work in a particular area. Their job is to gain a sense of your needs and balance the lighting to fit your objectives.

[Many of these pros are electrical contractors as well as architectural lighting designers.]

Commercial lighting designers understand issues such as lighting fatigue, glair, ergonomics and aesthetics. The average businessperson or office worker will rarely understand these concepts and how they affect productivity. For example, lighting fatigue may occur when a room is overly lit. Everything is at the same light level and your eyes never getting a chance to rest.

Today, commercial lighting takes all of these factors into consideration. This is why workers may be able to put in a full day at the office without feeling fatigued or disoriented after eight or nine hours. Fluorescent lights must be balanced to allow for a natural look to the office environment. The right fluorescent light covers allow the fixtures to blend into the environment.

Compare the Merits of Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures

Quality commercial lighting fixtures ensure that the installation will last a long time. Everything must pass spec should in order to meet the municipal codes of the region. You can find qualified electrical lighting contractors working in commercial lighting industries from theater arts, schools and hospitals, in offices and warehouses.

light-bulbs-02To solve each these problems, we have been looking for eco-friendly lighting fixtures that can also save on a great deal of power at the exact same time. The new Seesmart LED lighting uses considerably much less wattage and are supplied with brighter operating surfaces. These are perfect for even illumination.

Artistically speaking, these LED light bulbs produce light in vibrant colors, which, if utilized aesthetically, can enhance your interiors as by no means before. Finding the very best is really a serious task, so be sure you go over your numerous choices with care. Don’t jump in without getting solid recommendations from the experts.

LED Lights for Commercial Installations

The halogen bulbs with which star lights are equipped are capable of making dots on ceiling, walls and floors. Industrial lighting consists of those which are set up in museums, offices, restaurants, showrooms, and churches. Outside lighting is just as essential because the premises have to be safe, lighting can deter intruders and bring the developing to the public’s attention in a good way.

For large, lofted ceilings of twenty feet or higher, it is recommended that you use high bay lights. Litecraft Commercial supplies all kinds of lights from emergency lighting, show lighting, fire rated lights to metal halide lighting, security lights and more.

As a local company Tri – State LED is proud to have been an integral part of the entire process for the project, from specification to savings calculation. Will you need to improve the lighting or internal decoration to suit your business. One new green window technology that is out on the market today is Electrochromic Smart Glass.

Track lighting can be run from both mains and low voltage options too, so it doesn’t cost a huge amount to run. *Color temperature suitability for intended application. This makes the lighting system extremely energy efficient.

If the solar power absorbs a lot of energy, then very little DC power is used, however, if it is cloud for an example, then DC can keep the unit working. One of the top most energy efficient lighting systems that are in great demand in the market is the new technology LED Commercial lighting system. The massive residential LED retrofit will replace more than 9,500 lamps with state of the art LED bulbs.

[Good lighting can have a big impact on staff morale and motivation.]

Commercial lighting products are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. If you need assistance in finding the right commercial lighting supplies or are unclear about what to do with them once you have them, then you will need to consult with an illumination expert. This has proven to be a very successful strategy for many Manhattan based companies.Commercial lighting ideas in the office

There can be no doubt that in order to get yourself off to the best start you need to find a company that know what they are talking about and have a very broad range of lighting supplies on offer. Another form of lighting is natural light or windows, and smart glass is putting a spin on the age-old product. Creating a pleasing visual appearance will not only enhance your store.

Commercial Lighting Ideas for the Workplace and Residents

There are thousands of options when it comes to lighting equipment and bulbs for the home or office. It is often a good idea to stick with the practical options that offer longevity and energy savings. The luminescence output diminishes, so greatly over time, economical operational is often much shorter. Different styles and designs of light bulbs are available from standard and long life to ornate twisted chandelier  bulbs for all fittings and to suit any particular situation. .

Right after all, how would this firm previous for so long if they do not manufacture goods that dwell up to consumer expectation. Their output and lighting capacity cannot be compared with any other lamps. One new green window technology that is out on the market today is Electrochromic Smart Glass.

commercial lighting fixturesGood lighting can have a big impact on staff morale and motivation. It can make working in a pleasant atmosphere result in harder working employees, as well as encouraging customers to browse for longer. And, having these lamps installed is as easy as calling the local Department of Public Works. The lighting expert can also advise you on the best way to achieve mood lighting.

Lumens are a measurement of light, in which the amount of radiation that is present is taken into account and then adjusted to the human eye’s selectiveness. It all started with one single light, but right now, almost all major areas in different regions are now being illuminated with commercial lights.

Measuring light intensity is essential in establishing lighting products to get a space, movie or TV show. The concept of “light intensity” takes into account such associated terminology as “luminance” (the quantity of light originating from a surface), “luminance” (the quantity of light hitting an area), “luminous emittance” (light emitted by a light supply), and “luminous intensity” (the quantity of light emitted inside an offered path). (Also associated is “brightness,” a non-technical expression for indicating how light strikes the eye.) Expert photographers and commercial lighting contractors evaluate the light strength or luminance using an analog or digital light meter.

This website will be covering quite a few topics relating to commercial lighting ideas; here are just a few:

Flip through the pages to find what you need in the way of information on lighting and lighting design. There is more to come in the blog section.


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Luxury Outdoor Lighting Systems

Luxury Outdoor Lighting SystemsLuxury outdoor lighting systems are an important safety feature for your home or workplace. Well-lit properties are less likely to be burglarized. They are also unlikely to be the scene of accidents caused by dark pathways, where people might easily trip and fall. Outdoor lighting can also beautify a home, thus increasing its value. These systems can be found in homes, offices and institutions around the country. High end fixtures last longer and offer more variety in terms of style, convenience and practicality. Of course, this kind of quality is not inexpensive but for many, the substantial savings in terms of energy costs and maintenance is worthwhile.

The Value of Luxury Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting extends the property line (at least visually) and allows us to meander safely outdoors as well as in. There are tons of different exterior lighting fixture types, too, from post lights for outdoor pendant lighting and even contemporary outdoor table lamps, that each play specific roles in making the outside of the home the safe haven it’s meant to be. Today’s contemporary outdoor fixtures are chalk full of design ingenuity and add bright, modern pop to Mother Nature’s landscape while highlighting the home’s architecture at the same time.

Luxury outdoor lighting is something that can always change with the seasons. To properly install outside lighting, work with a qualified landscape designer who knows how to design “lightscapes”. Commercial lighting designers are familiar with indoor and outdoor light design. They often work with landscape architects.   They know how to expertly manipulate and bounce sunlight as well as artificial light around spaces to make the area look even more impressive than it really is.

Outdoor lighting needs to be tailored to the unique sizes and shapes of areas and special lighting requirements of industrial sites to provide the best lighting solution. Georgia Power offers both traditional pole mounted area and flood lights and specialized high mast pole and light systems for large area lighting.

Outdoor lighting can serve myriad purposes outside your home. Outdoor lighting can be decorative; it can allow you to enjoy your front or backyard long after the sun has gone down, and it can accent a garden or pool area. One of the most important functions of outdoor lighting is safety. With an outdoor lighting system and motion sensor, you can set up a light to go on when someone approaches your home. This can safely light the way for family members coming home late at night, or can alert those in the home to someone approaching after hours.

Accented Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting fixtures that are used for accent lighting can be purchased in a variety of sizes and styles. No matter the style, designers can offer fixtures and components from elegant lanterns and hanging lamps to post top lanterns, Let us enhance the beauty of the outside to draw people to do business at your locations.

Well-designed outdoor lighting makes your property more attractive and inviting and enhances your customers’ and employees’ comfort and security. And that makes your business more appealing overall. Georgia Power’s outdoor lighting experts work with you to create an outdoor lighting system that will help you shine above the rest.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Your landscape can have a major role in either decrease the safety or increase of your exterior. Add the outdoor lighting of your choice that provides your lawn with beauty while providing your home with security.

Beauty– landscape lighting can be used to showcase interesting features in your home’s architecture or your yard! At Kolb Electric, we can design and install outdoor lighting that will illuminate and call attention to your landscape at night. Landscape lighting is a fully customizable way to improve the look of your house after the sun goes down, particularly if you enjoy entertaining or you want to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Manufacturing lighting fixtures, we also design and install architectural landscape lighting systems for residential and commercial properties throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Whether you are looking for a couple backyard accent lights, or a uniquely lit front face of your home, we will have a solution for you. Please give us a call to find out more about our high quality lighting designs.

Security Using Outdoor Lighting

Indeed, enhanced security is one of the primary benefits of outdoor lighting, sharply reducing the likelihood that a home will be burglarized. Lighting at doors and windows as well as the illumination of potential hiding spots behind bushes and hedges discourages would-be intruders. This practical reason for installing a licensed electrician an outdoor lighting system allows homeowners to indulge their simple desire for the beauty it brings.

If a yard light’s purpose is for security or to light an area used for short term activity such as walking between buildings, a halogen lamp and a motion detector will provide light when needed for a few dollars per year. Motion sensors can be installed in parallel to target many different areas if security is the major concern. Lights can be wired so if motion is detected, numerous lights can be illuminated at once, surprising an intruder. This type of lamp is available at most electrical and building supply outlets. If normal activity would cause the halogen lamp to operate more than 30 % of the night hours, a high pressure sodium HID lamp operating all night would be more cost effective.

Outdoor lighting also comes in a variety of styles to complement your home’s decor. Understanding the outdoor lighting styles that work best for each site will help you choose the most appropriate light for your garden, deck, or yard.

Outdoor lighting extends the property line (at least visually) and allows us to meander safely outdoors as well as in. There are tons of different exterior lighting fixture types, too, from post lights for outdoor pendant lighting and even contemporary outdoor table lamps, that each play specific roles in making the outside of the home the safe haven it’s meant to be.

With an outdoor lighting system and motion sensor, you can set up a light to go on when someone approaches your home. Outdoor lighting experts work with you to create an outdoor lighting system that will help you shine above the rest.

Manufacturers of luxury lighting fixtures also design and install many luxury outdoor lighting systems for residential and commercial properties throughout small towns and  metropolitan areas.

Install low-voltage landscape lighting with this walk-through video from Lowe’s. A landscape lighting kit offers everything you need to illuminate the outsid…

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Los Angeles

Commercial Lighting Ideas in Los Angeles

Reviewing Outdoor Lighting Systems Los Angeles Style

Commercial outdoor lighting systems in Los Angeles ranges from elegant to bizarre. California’s largest city is Los Angeles is also known as the city of Angels. LA is also the second largest urban area in the US. Southern California offers a range of terrain from the high desert area to the ocean. Visitors and residents enjoy world-class entertainment and shopping in year-round comfort. Commercial outdoor lighting fixtures offer a great deal for its citizens’ enjoyment. The city excels in commercial outdoor lighting. Los Angeles is a city of lights.

Outdoor Lighting Systems Using LED Technology

Many of the outdoor lighting systems being used in commercial establishments are the new solid-state LED units. Ongoing research and development continues to improve the diodes, making them viable options for both commercial and residential use. LED outdoor lights not only offer substantial energy savings, they are durable and long lasting.

Outdoor lighting for lawns, gardens and pathways extend the use of these spaces into the evening hours. LED illumination allows for flexibility, increased safety and utility. They are endorsed by organizations such as the American National Standards Institute and even the US Department of Energy. Solid-state lighting in combination with digital controls allow for a variety of unique applications in lighting design.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Systems Hold Distinct Advantages

Landscape architects as well as lighting engineers have been using solar outdoor lighting systems to great effect in homes and businesses. These solar powered units offer unique flexibility as well as energy savings. The combined use of solar powered batteries and LED illumination means that lights can be installed and position in unlimited combinations without the need for electrical wiring installation. Contemporary outdoor lighting fixtures make for a lot of colorful displays around the city.

[LED outdoor lights not only offer substantial energy savings, they are durable and long lasting.]

Homeowners find solar outdoor lighting systems to be both energy efficient and convenient. These units can work naturally with a variety of landscape designs. They automatically shut off during the daytime and pose no risk to pets or children. These units require very little maintenance while the higher-quality fixtures pay for themselves in terms of return on investment.

Improvements in Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Technological advances in lighting systems have allowed designers more flexibility in terms of materials and fixtures when working with landscape design. A few decades ago these artists were limited to certain kinds of lighting fixtures as well as the availability of energy sources.

Landscape designers and outdoor lighting engineers exercise their artistic talents to blend form and function to an aesthetic balance. They use light, shadow, textures and nature to express a desired artistic goal. Everything within a given area becomes part of the canvas. Walls, trees, fountains and even bushes become design elements.

You can drive through various neighborhoods in Los Angeles; from the wealthier areas through the working class sections and find amazing displays of outdoor lighting at night. Commercial buildings with elaborate fountains are expertly lit, but so are residential driveways and patios. Los Angelinos are proud of their turf and demonstrate that pride in lighting techniques.

Which Outdoor Lighting Fixture Is Better, Halogen Or LED?

outdoor luxury outdoor lightingOne of the main aspects of great outdoor lighting is the melding a form and function. Standard and custom decorative landscape lighting fixtures offer a great deal of options in this regard. In its heyday, halogen bulbs were the new technology. These compact and extremely brilliant light sources were perfect for nighttime illumination. LED lights have caught up in terms of practicality as well as cost efficiency. Modern landscape light design brings improved options for commercial and residential users.

Traditional halogen-based fixtures were once the way to go because they offered a range of options to designers. LED systems require less maintenance and lower replacement costs than halogen units. There is still a range in terms of pricing and quality that should be considered before purchasing and installation.

The Basics of LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

To simplify matters, there are three basic levels of quality to consider when selecting LED outdoor lighting systems. The cheaper models are made of plastic or painted aluminum and can be found in department stores, home improvement centers and catalogs. They may cost just over a hundred dollars with a life span of three years. These residential lights are the lower end models. 

[LED systems require less maintenance and lower replacement costs than halogen units.]

You can look for more high quality LED fixtures that cost a little more money to offer 4 to 6 years of service. These units are usually powder coated with a tough aluminum finish. Eventually, these units will succumb to the extreme weather conditions throughout the years and begin to appeal or chip away in time. Commercial outdoor lighting in Los Angeles offers a lot of unique designs and styles for the appreciation and enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

Higher-quality brass and copper fixtures cost more initially. These units will not only last longer, they tend to look better with age. Over time, the brass or copper fixtures, exhibit a more polished finish with age. Many homeowners and business people opt for the high-quality finish because it offers the greatest return on investment. Landscape lighting transformers now last twice as long as they have a decade ago.

Solar Options for Outdoor Lighting Products

Outdoor LED light bulbsThe Los Angeles market for solar outdoor lighting fixtures is gigantic. Whether these units are used in the due-covered hillsides or the within the harsh salt environment of the beachfront properties, solar fixtures have found their place. For maximum durability and longevity, high-quality lighting units are preferred. They usually have brass or copper fixtures with glass lenses.

The strength of the illumination is determined by the number of LEDs mounted in one or more arrays inside the fixture. These units can be just as bright as halogen’s while running only on solar power. These units are constantly improving in terms of longevity, durability and light output.

Outdoor Lighting Systems – Los Angeles Style

The people of Los Angeles may enjoy their fun in the sun during the daytime, but they also love the nightlife. Landscape lighting offers an alternative level of enjoyment for the Shopaholics and the club hoppers. Innovative lighting designs improve the atmosphere of elegance around the swanky LA hotels, but they also add warmth and beauty to even the most modest homes. That means that anyone can take LED outdoor lighting systems home for a professional look.

[For maximum durability and longevity, high-quality lighting units are preferred.]

Paris may be known as “the city of lights” but Los Angeles is where all the stars come out at night. You will be able to find thousands of unique creative displays designed to attract visitors to stores, restaurants and bars. Commercial lighting is not the only area which displays amazing light shows in the evening. Commercial outdoor lighting in Los Angeles residential areas also offer entertaining possibilities.


Do-it-yourself landscape lighting  - 02/02/00

Learn how to install low-voltage landscape lighting at your home. It can improve the safety and security at your home while using very little energy.
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Industrial Pendant Lighting Fixtures Make Dollars and Sense

Industrial pendant lighting fixtures

Industrial pendant lighting can make a significant contribution to retail sales. Retail establishments that cater to a specific atmosphere or ambiance do this to please their clients. Pendant lighting is a great way to increase the aesthetics of a room with light. It adds a decorative touch to restaurants, bars and other retail stores. You can go elegant or funky depending on the type of pendant lighting fixtures that are selected.

Pendant lights are mounted to the ceiling, usually through long tubular fixtures. Think of an upside down floor lamp and you will have the perfect picture of pendant lighting. These units are extremely versatile and many stores have them custom made to match the overall branding of the company. Choosing the right pendant light fixtures can help to enhance the productivity in the workplace.

Industrial Pendant Lighting Can Enhance Sales

Decorating an establishment means coming up with a specific character and flavor as well as atmosphere. Pendant lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles and sizes from tiny delicate little globes to large customized shapes. Small glass-enclosed lighting in a particular style can be used throughout a room for efficient illumination while still adding atmosphere to the decor. Large globes usually are positioned as standalone lighting and cover a wider area. These extra-large industrial pendant lights also have ornamental value.

[Think of an upside down floor lamp and you will have the perfect picture of pendant lighting.]

Lighting is important to the look and feel of an establishment. It can enhance a mood or help to create specific feelings in patrons who stopped by. This is why restaurants tend to have a more personal lighting design rather than extremely bright high key lighting. Establishing a mood can build trust or help patrons to relax. Commercial pendant lighting fixtures can help to enhance those feelings when they are appropriately chosen. Designers may use track pendant lighting in strategic areas of a room in order to direct patrons to specific areas.

The Beauty of Glass Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights offer a stylish option for illuminating a store or office. They act as main light sources in many establishments such as restaurants, bars; even jewelry stores. They are great for areas in a room where specific tasks are performed or to highlight specific merchandise. Large pendants can be seen in entryways are foyers leading to an office or a suite of offices. A lighting designer may use seeded glass pendant light for decorative accents in a restaurant.

Pendant lampMassive, elegant glass pendant lights often resemble works of art in meeting rooms or entrance ways of corporate office buildings. Smaller retail establishments can create a custom look through the use of interchangeable pieces available in many pendant light kits. Commercial lighting designers can offer suggestions relating to the appropriate use and installation of glass pendant lighting. The right pendant light fixture can in instill a room with optimism or enhance relaxation

Mini Pendant Lighting Fixtures Add Character to Any Room

Many offices are using mini pendant lighting for an added touch of personality to the decor. Lighting designers are using it to achieve specific effects; perhaps to liven up a more establishment oriented interior. These fixtures can be grouped into clusters and are usually placed in strategic areas for dramatic overhead spotlighting in a central area. Low-cost mini pendant lights can be used to liven up a dreary room.

These smaller fixtures can be used in areas that don’t accommodate larger ones. They can be adjusted to fit the height of the ceiling and designed to focus on a particular area. Electronic dimmer controls in conjunction with pendant lighting allows for greater control of the amount of light in a given area. This also helps to create the mood using the right amount of light. Low-voltage pendant lighting can offer an intimate setting at a restaurant table.

Pendant Lighting Ideas for a Happier Workplace

One of the lighting designs from the early 60s and 70s that is making a comeback is the use of drum pendant lighting. This unique style resembles the imagery mentioned above (the topsy-turvy floor lamp). Designers have a lot of fun with this concept because they can customize the style in shape to fit the character of a room. Even cheap pendant lights can be used for dramatic effect under the right circumstances.

Custom designs, shades don’t have to be expensive. They can be quite economical given the choice of materials, the amount of detail as well as the size of the fixtures. You can incorporate logos as well as company colors into the finished product. This can be a great way to enhance product branding.

Pendant Lighting, Shades for Retail Operations

There are a few design tricks that professionals utilize when choosing the right pendant lighting system for an office or retail establishment. The right lighting fixtures will complement an existing interior design. It is an important element for establishing a comfortable and functional environment for both workers and customers.

One thing that many designers will take into consideration is the height of the ceiling. Modern pendant light fixtures should fall to a specific length in the room for optimal illumination. The length, size and shape of the units should complement the room not overpower it. Pendant light globes above counter tops or display cases should leave room for the customers to sit or stand without obstruction.

Pendant Track Lighting for Offices and Retail Stores

Designers are looking to utilize lighting fixtures for a dual-purpose when it comes to retail interior design. Prominent interior designers who specialize in working with retail clients utilize pendant track lighting fixtures with clear glass covers. This is a favorite strategy for displaying beautiful ornamental fixtures when the light is off during the day these track lights transform the room when they are on or off.

These fixtures can be hung low to act as task lighting above the table or counter or grouped into clusters high overhead like a chandelier. Pendant track lighting kits are incredibly versatile, in both style and application. A designer could utilize the same fixtures into different offices to dramatically different effect.

Making the Right Choices in Commercial Pendant Light Installations

Commercial lighting designers and interior designers who specialize in retail and office spaces understand the importance of setting visual narrative. The overall style and look of the showroom must set the right impression the moment a customer walks in. Proper lighting is essential to that overall appeal. This is why it is important to choose the right hanging pendant and fixtures to obtain the right lighting effect. Industrial style pendant lights enjoy wide appeal due to their versatility.

[The right lighting fixtures will complement an existing interior design.]

Take size, style and shape of the fixtures into consideration; will they add or detract from the visual narrative when the lights are off? Whether you choose glass hanging pendants or cloth drum shaped pendant fixtures, consider maintenance as a factor in your selection. Cleaning or dusting will be important functions along with changing or repairing lights and fixtures.

Repair and Maintenance for Pendant Lighting Parts

Let’s not kid ourselves, no matter how good the pendant lighting fixtures may look the romances over when everything needs to be cleaned and properly maintained. Intricate patterns and contoured designs on small glass pendant lights can be a pain to clean and dust. Cloth covered lampshades can lose their luster over time. Fixtures that are installed in extra high ceilings may require special a ladder and cleaning equipment.

Although this may seem like an added expense, it is worth the effort and money to maintain the right image and portray the right message to prospective customers. Lighting is an important aspect of presentation. The right lighting conditions can put a prospect at ease and make them comfortable with their surroundings. Pendant lighting can contribute to the right atmosphere that is necessary for making a sale or keeping a customer happy.

Pendant lighting ideas

Modern Pendant Lights Offer Energy Savings As Well As Charm

These days, whether you choose the mini pendant light configuration or a multi-pendant light fixture, you will be able to find energy-saving units. Contemporary pendant lights can be purchased with LED bulbs or low-power variance as companies move away from incandescent bulbs.

Retailers can now find green alternatives in pendant lighting. Commercial manufacturers continue to improve on energy efficiency without sacrificing form or function. Industrial pendant lighting offers efficiency as well as aesthetic value to any commercial enterprise.

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Commercial LED Lighting Offers Great ROI

commercial led lighting

We take light for granted even though it is an essential factor in the composition of life. Even now as we are programming our outdoor LED spotlights or pay attention to emergency lighting as we drive, they go unnoticed.  Light helps us to produce, play and even rest more effectively. We have used fire to prolong our ability to see effectively and later turned to the incandescent bulb. The LED method of emitting light is both old school and revolutionary. Here’s why commercial LED lighting tech can help to save the world.

The Mechanics of Commercial LED Lighting

Today, you may pick up a small flashlight that is smaller than a pen which can pierce the darkness with a brilliant glow. This is the power of semiconductor, LED technology. The semiconductor technology generates light through a process called effect is called electroluminescence. The diodes emit light at very low voltages. This allows for extremely energy efficient lighting for commercial and residential purposes.

The process is based on the theory that certain materials will glow when electricity passes through them. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED light sources have no filament to heat up, but light up through the stimulation of electrons in the semiconductor.

If you take a close look at an individual diode, it is very small. The diode is made of an epoxy lens, wire bond, a reflective cavity along with a semiconductor die. For example, standard LED kitchen lighting will have a number of these diodes embedded in the fixture.commercial led lighting

The lead frame is composed of an anvil section and post section. The unit is sealed with a flat bottom to prevent the conductors from being forced out. The diode has two prongs projecting from the bottom; the anode (positive) and the cathode (negative) leads.

The LED – Its Inventors and Champions

The Light-Emitting Diode was the invention of Oleg Losev in 1927. During the early days of radio, large diodes were installed to operate radios and Losev took notice of the electroluminescence in the diodes. He conducted copious research on the process. His research led to the development of modern LEDs.

Other researchers later refined the production of passive optoelectronic process; most notably Gary Pittman and James R. Biard of Texas Instruments in 1961. They were seeking to produce laser light from the process and ended up creating infrared LEDs instead.

Researcher Nick Holonyak succeeded in creating visible light emitters along the red spectrum in 1962 for General Electric Corporation. He was also the first to develop a light dimmer and even the laser diode. Nolo Holonyak earned the title of “Father of the LED”. You can thank him for your LED landscaping lights around your yard.

Master led lightIn 1972 M. George Craford working for the Monsanto Company, perfected the LED (Light Emitting Diode) system even further with the first units to glow in the full red and yellow spectrum. He even increased the brightness by a factor of 10.

In 1968 the first full production of LED units made it off the Monsanto factory floor. The popularity of LEDs came about through Fairchild Optoelectronics. The company produced low-cost LED devices for other manufacturers.

Thomas P Piersall took the process even further with a high-efficiency LED unit that was extremely bright. This was perfect for fiber optics and fiber telecommunications in the latter half of the 1970s. New semiconductor materials were used to optimize the transmission wavelengths for fiber-optic cables.

Blue LEDs were invented in 1994 by Shuji Nakamura. Now these diodes are used in a variety of applications from automobile lights, traffic lights and airplanes to electronic displays and pen sized flashlights. Commercial LED light fixtures are replacing commercial fluorescent lighting in many factories and office buildings. There are even replacing commercial flood lights for significant energy savings.

The Future of LED Lights

Researchers are taking the LED technology into the realm of digital communications. VLC or visible light communications uses state-of-the-art LED solutions sending data to and from various points at the speed of light. The goal is to piggyback data communication on existing lighting systems which offer very low energy output while using existing technology. Hotels and health clubs are utilizing LED ceiling lights as well as LED pool lights to maximize safety and energy efficiency.

Research and development continues to drive the cost of producing electronics downward. Solid-state lighting is reaching a point of practical application in everyday use. LED systems can now produce full-spectrum white light to mimic natural daylight. High-power LEDs will soon make their way to automobile headlights shortly.

Scientists assure us that we have only begun to explore the many variables of related technologies; applying digital concepts to our analog world. LED technology continues to improve through nonstop research. The incandescent light bulb was just an idea in 1802. The world is still running on 19th century technology. Ongoing improvements in the economy of scale will soon allow us to realize even greater benefits from LED technology. Commercial LED lighting is boosting profits and contributing to green technology efforts on a global scale.

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LED Recessed Ceiling Lights

Industrial Lighting Fixtures Perfect for Offices

industrial lighting fixtures            The engineers and designers who work on industrial lighting fixtures may not have the sexiest job in the world but they do have one of the most important tasks in the industrialized world. Commercial lighting fixtures are an integral part of the productivity equation in the working world. Numerous studies have shown that adequate ceiling light fixtures can vastly improve work output.

Expert lighting designers utilize commercial light fixtures for energy savings as well as illumination. By balancing available light with modern ceiling light fixtures, technicians can create a perfect blending of natural light and artificial light to evenly illuminate warehouses, streets, parks and stores.

The Power of Effective Lighting Fixtures at Work

Many people ignore the workplace environment unless something goes wrong. Perhaps the light goes out when power has been interrupted or when bulbs burn out naturally. Modern light fixtures are made to last a lot longer than they used to, but they do have their limits. Installing modern fluorescent light fixtures in offices and warehouses can help to reduce cost while prolonging equipment shelf life.

General Electric and other manufacturers have increased the effectiveness and longevity of modern fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent light fixtures are used in both indoor and outdoor installations. When properly installed, they can resist the ravages of seasonal temperatures and maintain their brilliance for quite some time.

For example, Frisella Lighting prioritizes power functionality without diminishing the aesthetic quality of your industrial lighting and appliances technique. Energy efficient lighting and complicated lighting controls will reduce your electrical energy bill and upkeep costs. The greater effectiveness of LEDs along with their longer lifetimes make them less pricey to work and preserve. Complex industrial lighting management systems will reduce your power costs by making certain you obtain your preferred light capacity where you need it when you require it.

Commercial outdoor light fixtures can make a difference in terms of safety as well as utility. Modern LED light fixtures such as the illumination LED Luminaire series can make a difference in terms of color temperature and lumen output. Some of these units can last up to 50,000 hours. Another important aspect to consider is the ease of installation and maintenance. Most modern units allow for flexibility as well as modular design.

Commercial Lighting Ideas Can Save Money

Renovating an office can be an excellent opportunity to upgrade existing lighting. Adding drop ceiling light fixtures for example during renovation can greatly enhance the aesthetics of the rooms. Utilizing commercial LED light fixtures can also help the work environment. Architects and lighting engineers are now using an integrated ceiling and lighting system during construction or renovation. This is an excellent way to save money on construction costs as well as installation.

Occasionally known as pot lighting, recessed lamps usually are typically little and spherical. This kind of lighting is certainly good for extremely low ceilings.

Putting in drop ceiling light fixtures in an office bathroom not just adds charm to your office restroom by making the space more attractively appealing but also assists to illuminate certain areas that are of prime importance like the vanity region and above the sink. You will find numerous ceiling light fixtures that are produced in accordance with the size and floor design from the bathroom. You are able to have ceiling lighting in cubicle areas with mellowed lighting to create a soothing setting.

Using Industrial Pendant Lighting Fixtures Effectively

office lighting fixturesPendant lighting is really a modern lamp fixture which many people merge into their workplace interior design. Pendant lighting is perfect more than locations like the cubicle or even a assembly room. This kind of lighting will allow you to have a little extra equipment and lighting where you’ll need it, while at the same time supplying a decorative centerpiece in your work place. Due to the drop-down dynamics of pendant lights, it’s not especially useful in locations where there is foot traffic. Just make use of this lighting in areas where there’s furniture or perhaps a fixture beneath the pendants. You can get more information on industrial ceiling lights on this website.

If you are not a fan of flush light fixtures perhaps you wish to use pendant lights instead. In this day and age whether you prefer to see the fixture or recess it within the ceiling there is a clear choice between fluorescent and LED for your lighting design preferences. Technicians are no longer limited to one system or another for the sake of aesthetics.

Recessed lighting is attached within the ceilings to ensure that the light fixture doesn’t hang into the space. Occasionally known as pot lighting, recessed lamps usually are typically little and spherical. This kind of lighting is certainly good for extremely low ceilings. They may be ideal for areas where protruding fixtures might get damaged, like a appointment room. A number of recessed lighting fixtures may be installed in a row or pattern to illuminate a large area. Depending on the type of light bulb used and whether or not or not there’s a frosted glass panel to diffuse the lighting, recessed lighting fixtures can easily provide either background or job lighting. Find out more on industrial outdoor lighting while you are here.

Technological Improvements in Fluorescent Light Fixtures

The push for commercial buildings to “go green” has helped to advance the commercial lighting industry in a number of ways. Major companies have been focusing on reinventing or redeveloping existing lighting systems to last longer, utilize power more efficiently with increased durability at lower cost.

Nationwide requirements for common service fluorescent light fixtures went through extensive modifications under the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Most T12s and some initial generation T8 lighting technology no longer meet minimal efficiency requirements as of July 14, 2012. As of this date, manufactures of those goods have upgraded and no longer make these units available. So now is the time to move on to much more effective lighting systems.

Utilizing Recessed Lighting Fixtures in the Office

commercial office-lighting fixturesRecessed lighting can be utilized in they office entryways, hallways and other areas that do not require direct lighting. This system is a blend of indirect lighting and direct lighting because the bulbs are hidden away but the origin of the light source is evident. The visible portions are usually the trim and in some cases a portion of the light housing. In many instances, the housing is recessed into the ceiling while in other cases the housing offers flexibility in direction of the light. It is important to understand your objective before making the decision; being able to direct the illumination may be more important than completely hiding the light source.
Installing numerous lights is another method to make recessed ceiling fixtures turn out to be more apparent inside a large room.  You may feel like you need to set up several inside a particular area exactly where there is a painting or vase that you wish to highlight, and a solitary recessed permanent fixture does not throw sufficient light because of its position. Placing another light closer towards the paintings may appear exactly like an efficient answer, but instead opt for a directional recessed lighting fixture.
These lights have an adjustable elbow that enables you to point the light inside a specific direction or at a single object. You will not need as numerous lights, but you will still have the ability to highlight the items that you want. Directional recessed lamps can also be a unobtrusive way to widen the appear of a hallway or an office conference room.

Get Professional Help for Light Fixture Installation

Installing commercial light fixtures is the job of the experts. Contract with a reputable company that has a lot of experience in working for your industry. Before settling in on a particular system, contract a lighting engineer or lighting design specialist to evaluate your environment. By doing so, you may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars a year in energy costs as well as productivity losses.
Anyone who has since looked into recent developments in commercial lighting should do so before taking the plunge into upgrading their system. Advances in LED and other methods of lighting should be looked into and taken advantage of. Not only will this effort pay off in energy savings, the workplace may even look a whole lot better.


Commercial Lighting Ideas – Sacramento Businesses Profit

Commercial Lighting ideas Sacramento offices

The city of Sacramento metropolitan area has a population of slightly over 2 million residents. Over the last few years, the state has reduced its level of bureaucracy, but it remains the largest employer in the region. Health care, retail, construction and support services have been major industries along with municipal organizations.

Sacramento Business and Commercial Lighting Fixtures

The city is a haven for small business growth. Many local companies continue to develop along with the growing population. Sacramento has a vibrant downtown area and the work of the local commercial lighting industry is an integral part of its look as well as its function. The retail sector depends on quality commercial lighting designers and engineers to create and maintain their facilities.

The night life in Old Sacramento offers residents a great opportunity to have fun when the sun goes down with a variety of venues. The lights along the Sacramento River bring out the beauty of the State Historic Park as well as the buildings from the days of the Gold Rush. There is a lot of history to be found in the city from the Railroad Museum to the Art Galleries. Visitors come to the city for a number of sites and there is always the shopping, plays, movies and restaurants to patronize.

Commercial Lighting in Sacramento

Businesses as well as organizations utilize lighting throughout the day and even at night. That requires preparation to ensure practical lighting for the specific environment. There are a lot of Sacramento area lighting design companies that can assist in the planning and installation of optimized lighting.

These companies already have experience installing commercial light fixtures as well as qualified employees for the maintenance and support. Local commercial lighting supply houses offer a range of products for large and small projects. These companies work in various areas such as engineering, design, architecture, landscaping and many others.

Most of these local professionals are able to examine the situation and offer solutions for your requirements. They then recommend the right lighting fixtures, commercial grade bulbs that provide longevity as well as substantial savings and offer ways to get things done.commercial lighting ideas sacramento bridge at night

There are a lot of new commercial applications that institute green technology in existing infrastructure. Expert lighting contractors know how to design and implement these new lighting systems that not only offer great illumination, but save substantially on energy costs.

Local Commercial Lighting Manufacturer Facilities

There are quite a few local companies that offer cutting edge architectural lighting systems. They will fabricate track lighting, pendant lights or unique shapes to custom specifications. Companies such as Lumark, RSA Lighting, Invue and others offer a full complement of services to businesses.

If you want to give your office a bold new look without actually changing something significant or blow through your budget, call a Sacramento lighting design company for help. You can get the right solutions for a particular area or location or perform a site wide audit of your company.

You are able to do this for both interior and exterior areas. You’ll get great options that will highlight all the practical attributes of the office or working environment, but you can also underplay areas that need to be suppressed. Choose only the very best companies in the area and make sure that you get the best outcomes for your purposes. Ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to get many different opinions and ideas on your situation. You can sort out the best ideas when you are ready.

Looking For the Right Commercial Lighting Company

When looking for qualified Sacramento lighting contracting support, figure out the scope of project and craft a preliminary budget. Be as detailed as possible in order to ascertain the demands of the work. Some small projects can be done with the help of an electrician who is much less experienced, but handy for repairs or quick installations. The same companies offer commercial outdoor lighting support as well as indoor installations.

Get a qualified local electrical contractor who specializes in lighting when handling jobs that require site inspection and city planning confirmation. So for principal repairs, office remodels, and commercial lighting installations, it may well be better to bring in a specialist. Improper wiring is normally very hazardous and also might result in fires; placing your business at risk of lawsuits or injury.

Working with Commercial Lighting Industries

The need to balance cost with the highest quality commercial bulbs and fixtures that the budget allows is the job of an experienced commercial lighting sales person. A company like IO Lighting has a variety of energy saving luminaries for both exterior and interior use. Skip to the local hardware supply store and go to the companies that manufacture commercial lighting.

Many of these companies have in-house design teams to support customers. You’ll find quite a few very good approaches to further improve the looks of an office, courtyard, restaurant, or retail area. It seems so silly that something so simple as good functioning lights positioned just right might have a drastic impact on the aesthetics of a room.

Go online and look at the latest developments in lighting industries. Commercial lighting engineers in Sacramento can provide the expertise for your store or office, or house of worship. They supply commercial equipment to local hospitals, municipal buildings, parks and even homes. Let them help you to save energy, improve the appearance of your establishment and improve functionality as well.

Commercial Lighting ideas Sacramento

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You can get great commercial lighting ideas from many online sources.


Luxury Lighting Systems for Home and Office

Luxury lighting systemA luxury lighting system is an intelligent network-based lighting management tool. This is the solution that incorporates communication between various systems. There are inputs and outputs related to lighting management with the use of one or more central computing devices. Luxury Lighting control systems are widely used for indoor and outside lighting of industrial and residential spaces. Lighting manage systems serve to supply the right amount of light exactly where and when it is needed. A cable lighting system can liven up a home or office without substantial increase in energy costs.

Luxury Lighting Systems for Homes and Offices

Lighting manage systems are employed to maximize the power savings from the lighting method, satisfy developing codes, or comply with green building and energy conservation programs. Lighting control systems are frequently referred to below, the term Intelligent Lighting. Architectural lighting management systems can integrate into a home theater’s on-off and dimmer controls, and are often utilized for house lights and bedroom lighting.

They are also used commercially in multi-function lights, conference room lighting, and lobby lighting in offices. A new luxury home lighting system can be integrated in a master control system on each floor of the building.

Light management stations can be placed in several places within the building and variety in complexity from single buttons that bring up preset options-looks, to in-wall or desktop LCD touchscreen consoles. A lot of the technologies are associated with residential and industrial lighting control systems. Intelligent lighting manage systems from Savant are designed to provide you a degree of command and innovation that goes far beyond the capability to effortlessly adjust the lights inside your home.

[Luxury Lighting control systems are widely used for indoor and outside lighting of industrial and residential spaces.]

Green Technology offers total lighting management that acts in your very best interest, whether or not you are home or away: Automated lighting manages, integrates with motion sensors to dim or turn off lights when a space is unoccupied. Configure specific intelligent lighting to go on at sunset and off at daybreak.

Lighting Control Centers Can Now Work Wirelessly

Luxury lighting systemWith 1 touch initiate a “Goodnight” control system to deactivate all interior lights as exterior floodlighting is turned on. Remotely monitor and adjust house lighting manage status throughout the house whilst away from house utilizing your iPhone® or iPod touch®. This kind of application works great for many existing outdoor lighting systems. Home or office areas can benefit from this new system.

A commercial lighting system can bring proprietary lights to an entire floor.  The top producers of luxury lighting systems offer a variety of excellent custom plans. Their lighting goods are seamlessly integrated inside a Savant house automation and manage atmosphere. Light fixtures (“Luminaires”) are the hardware needed to hold and operate artificial light sources; the layout of light fixtures is their arrangement in the space.

Working With A Luxury Lighting Designer

When complementing daylighting with artificial light, fixtures and layout may be as important to good lighting because the light sources themselves. Good fixture design and layout can distribute light nicely, separate task lighting from ambient lighting, provide good controllability, as well as alters the color of the light source for any outdoor lighting system.

[Dimmers are accessible for fluorescent and incandescent systems. ]

Light fixtures (“Luminaires”) are the hardware needed to hold and operate artificial light sources; the layout of light fixtures is their arrangement in the space. When complementing daylighting with artificial light, fixtures and layout may be as important to good lighting because the light sources themselves.

A good fixture design and layout can distribute light nicely, separate task lighting from ambient lighting, provide good controllability, as well as alters the color of the light source. Theaters incorporate a master stage lighting system for complete control of each scene.

Commercial Lighting Systems for Luxury Homes

Successful style of fixtures and layout is measured by testing visual comfort within the space for all activities within the room’s program, and measuring the quantity of energy required to achieve good visual comfort thresholds. The less energy required for comfort, the better. As producers that publish luminous efficacy measurements for certain light sources in particular fixtures, to prevent guessing how fixtures will impact sources.

Luminaries are the fixtures that home lights. They significantly affect both the brightness and also the spatial distribution of the light, since they bounce and/or filter the light from their lamps, for different effects. Kinds of luminaries are usually categorized by their light distribution. Some typical distributions are shown below: direct, semi-direct, and direct-indirect.

Modern Lighting Systems Designed For Success

Home lightingLighting systems are designed primarily for overall performance, accent, and power efficiency. Performance lighting is often developed to blend in with the building lines and to not draw any attention. The fixtures are chosen to supply common illumination for operating surfaces, walking, and would be the main light sources in a space. Fluorescent and incandescent fixtures are usually selected for indoor applications having a variation of shape, lamp color, and lenses to attain the illumination essential for an occupant to function within a space.

Track and rail lighting systems have come to be noticed as among the most versatile lighting options for any space within the home. An easy, straight run of track or rail with independent heads is definitely an economical answer for show lighting in a gallery or down a corridor. Or you can develop a track or rail method yourself and create something that is truly distinctive to you. Look for experts to design and install a track lighting system in retail stores or other commercial property.

Light Dimmers for Commercial Buildings

Dimming lighting systems permit you to control the quantity of light and save power. Dimmers are accessible for fluorescent and incandescent systems. Daylight dimmers are special sensors that automatically dim room lights based on the quantity of free and natural daylight available. Dimmers are commonly used in conference rooms, classrooms, restaurants, and libraries.

LED technologies to assure savings compared to standard incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Ideal for all occasions, the multi-color kit offers a wide range of settings to beautifully illuminate and accent cabinets, toe-kicks, pantries, closets book and garage shelves, and far more. The easy-to-use infrared remote offers the ability to quickly dim or brighten, toggle between 16 preset colors, fade, flash, or alternate repeatedly via all colors to make the right atmosphere every time.

The Basic HID Lighting System Components

Due to their intensity, HID lighting systems are useful for lighting large areas from high ceilings, and range from 50 to 2,000 watts each. Older HID installations are often mercury vapor lamps, and very inefficient design. Like fluorescent lamps, HID systems have ballasts, and systems built prior to 1978 might contain potentially harmful substances such as PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls).

[Look for experts to design and install a track lighting system in retail stores or other commercial property.]

A common inefficiency of exterior lighting systems is really a tendency to “day burns.” This is when lights are on throughout the day, wasting energy and cash. This problem may be prevented by installing light-sensitive controls that turn the lights on and off automatically based on daylight, thus producing convenient power savings. Timers can be utilized, but do not react to changing daylight conditions.

Utilizing Fluorescent Lighting in Offices

light-bulbs-04Fluorescent lighting is the “standard” technologies for lighting spaces like offices and classrooms, and is up to four times much more effective compared to the incandescent lamp. Nevertheless, older, obsolete fluorescent lighting systems can lead to poor light quality and flicker. Advancements in fluorescent lighting systems have resulted in the introduction of new systems that provide improved power efficiency, lighting high quality, and design flexibility.

It’s incredible what correct lighting can do for a developer…and the people who work there. That is because everyone – in the management of the custodial crew – feels better in a well-lighted place. Much better lighting systems enhance physical safety, enhance employee morale and help enhance customer perceptions of companies and organizations.

Halogens Are Still Relevant Light Sources

Numerous incandescent lamps may be replaced with halogen lamps to get greater efficiency and service life. Numerous standard halogens (aside from some specialty applications) may be replaced with high overall performance “Infrared” (IR) halogen lamps. These lamps function by growing the operating temperature of the halogen lamp, growing efficiency. Though more efficient than other incandescent and halogen lamps, these lamps are nonetheless inferior in efficiency of fluorescent and HID lighting systems. Even photographers are switching to a more modern photography lighting system.

Energy expenses influence profitability in all industrial properties. The competitive advantage will visit businesses prepared to employ innovation that yields genuine savings, and CentraLite is leading the way in providing visibility of each dollar spent on heating, cooling and lighting.

Commercial lighting designers often concentrate on the study and development of lighting for a variety of environments to allow managers and business and homeowners to reverse their power costs with luxury lighting systems that need little or no downtime to install.

http://hibritelighting.com/affordable-lighting/ Since commercial spaces are of varied shapes and sizes, their lighting requirements tend to vary as well. The…

Commercial Ceiling Lights are Practical and Productivity Boosters

Ceiling Lights

I’m going to cover certain aspects of commercial ceiling lights in this article to draw awareness to the importance of choosing the right equipment for the right circumstances. The job of lighting, commercial property is similar to the objectives of people in their homes; setting a certain mood, adding elegance to her room or facilitating in work or play. General lighting, accents and task lighting are the three basic forms of illumination that are used in a variety of ways.

How Important Is The Right Commercial Drop Ceiling Light?

A supermarket needs to be let in order to allow workers and customers to clearly view the products. A romantic French restaurant may light the room to set a certain mood; to create an atmosphere of love. And operating room in a hospital uses light to help surgeons and nurses to perform specific tasks without obstruction. These commercial ventures all rely on specific types of commercial ceiling lights to do the work consistently.

The dropped ceiling in a room is usually about a foot below the structural ceiling. This secondary ceiling sometimes called a T-bar ceiling or a false ceiling is suspended in order to accommodate lighting fixtures, telecommunications wiring or other material that needs to be tucked away from view. Drop ceiling light panels are often installed within the suspended ceiling and flush mounted in place. This style represents a smooth transition from the lighted surface of the ceiling sections.

In order to produce satisfactory outcomes in fixture installation, the right equipment must be used to obtain the right effect. There are hundreds, if not thousands of variations on fixtures and bulbs as well as fittings. The first step is to make a decision about the style and the use of the proposed lighting system.

Suspended Ceiling Light Choices

Professional lighting designers take a close look at the environment before choosing the lighting equipment. They consider utility, aesthetics and energy savings as fundamental components to any successful lighting installation. For example ceiling light fixtures in the workplace doesn’t need to stand out, but they should coordinate with the furnishings.

The fixtures may be hidden from view or they may add a certain visual appeal to the decor. Suspended ceiling lights work best when they blend with the rest of the office and other visual appeal even natural lighting conditions. Many lighting technicians utilize contemporary ceiling light fixtures to work well in stores, warehouses or even community centers.

Installing Suspended Ceiling Light Fixtures

These types of fixtures come in a wide variety of shapes sizes and designs. Some fixtures are made to hang lights from very high ceilings. Many of these are ornately decorated and are in full view. Their shades come in glass, cloth or other materials and are impressive to look at. Electricians are needed to install these units as well as maintain them.

commercial led lightingThe basic operation of installing suspended ceiling lights requires that the electrician shuts down all power leading to the electrical wiring. Suspension brackets are selected to work with the fixtures. It is electricity is not initially established in the region where the lights are to be mounted, that must be done first.

Installation will be determined by the type of equipment and fixtures needed for the particular style of drop ceiling lights. One popular style of suspended ceiling light comes complete with a fan and motor assembly. These units circulate the air and may help to cut down on heating and cooling bills.

Working With Modern Ceiling Light Fixtures

There are three specific styles the ceiling light fixtures used for commercial purposes; suspended, semi-flush and recessed. Within these three styles of thousands of variations from which to choose. Working with a designer who specializes in commercial lighting will make the choices much easier and less frustrating.

Pro designers take a lot of things into consideration when choosing suspended fixtures. They will consider the patterns made by shadows when the lights are on as well as off. They look at the types of bulbs and how they impact the workplace. The choice of wattage is also important for productivity as well as aesthetics. Tinted or frosted panes or shades may help to even out the illumination to avoid light fatigue.

Although many new suspended ceiling light kits are available on the market that may not be of the best quality for durability. Stay away from cheap ceiling lights because they may end up costing more in the long run in terms of replacement parts or energy costs. Great care should be taken when installing these units; they should be installed at the appropriate height for the room and properly centered.

The Use of LED Ceiling Light Fixtures in the Workplace

Recent advances in production have made the use of LED light appliances more cost-effective than ever. Light emitting diodes are low energy bulbs that are often grouped together in a single unit. These low wattage lighting sources allow for flexibility and range of styles. LED ceiling lights are well-known for their luminous efficiency and longevity.

These units tend to be lighter than fluorescent or incandescent ceiling lamps and far more energy efficient than halogen bulbs. Be sure to choose a quality brand for your installation. There is a large difference between LED light manufacturers in terms of quality and lighting efficiency.

Ceiling Light Installation Basics

Companies like Westinghouse manufactures a wide variety of parts and kits for ceiling light installation. There are online sources for purchasing glassware, shades, lighting hardware and accessories. Stores that specialize in lighting equipment for commercial use will have support braces, customizing kits and hard-to-find unique designs for your lighting project.

light-bulbs-01Be sure to choose a reputable source that will be around when you need replacement parts or are ready to upgrade your lighting systems. Working with a qualified light design specialist from the start will dramatically reduce the headaches involved in determining the right look for the workspace as well as procuring the materials for your project.

Installing ceiling lights in a retail store may be a little more involved than the average do-it-yourself project. There is no sense in taking chances with business property. Have a qualified electrician and lighting specialist handle the job. This is especially appropriate if a post inspection is necessary from the local municipal authorities. Remember, the important thing is to get the look that you envisioned once the project is completed. Commercial ceiling light installation should be left to the experts so you can enjoy the results for years to come.

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